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Study in canada
07 September 2015
Canada has been declared the country with the best reputation in the world for the third consecutive year. In addition to taking home the overall title, Canada claimed the number one spot in categories ranging from “best place to live” to “best place to study,” .

Canada is a North-American country full of people with liveliness and involved in multi field skill sets. The country was once reined by the British and French colonies subsequently forming the Canadian Federal dominion in 1867. A unique feature of the country is that it has two official languages unlike most countries following only one as their official language. The Official languages Act provides for Canadian English and Canadian French to be their official languages and both languages are allowed to the formal means of communication in government, parliamentary affairs, colloquially and education wise too. The country is multi skilled and is the frontrunner in fields like technology, Internet, Space, Music and Art, Sports, Law etc. From Education point of view, the country is well known for top universities such as University of Toronto, McGill University, University of British Columbia, Queen’s University, University of Western Ontario and more. Since the country shares bi-lateral relations with most developed nations, and particularly with United States of America, it allows for tremendous scope to migrate to other countries in case of change in career and more foreign exposure. Likewise, with nearly one forth of country speaking French, it gives an opportunity to adapt and learn new language thereby adding value to your academic portfolio.


The main advantages of studying in Canada are:

1. A friendly and secured lifestyle.

2. Opportunity to study amongst talented pool of students and from highly qualified teachers, professors and academicians.

3. Choice to select from the array of fields the country’s academic world specialises in.

4. High tech infrastructure and chance to work with topmost organisations.


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